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Sandro: Fifth generation circus artist are one of the best and welknown Rola Rola act in the world of circus and cabaret. -------------------------- Nathalie: Ex dancer (dance school in Paris Franketti and DanieFrank) Les Sandros Together they created a number of acrobatic roller-skating and continued their career with two numbers For long periods they have graced the stage of Cirque de Soleil and Moulin Rouge in Paris and many top venues around the world. Performing in: Festival du Cirque de Monte Carlo Prix of Best Performer Festival de Genova Prix Tv 5 Itali Moulin Rouge de Paris 2003 and 2013 Cirque du Soleil New york Wintuk show 2009-2012 Cirque du soleil 2014 Event Rixos Cirque du soleil Roma event Fiat Punto Event for the Emirats of Dubai Event for the Prince of Bahrain Variete G.O.P Germany Fantissima Show Phantasialand Germany Circus Vargas U.S.A Circus Arena Danmark Circus Merano Norvey MusicalL Grande Palace( Adam Meyer ) France Coliseu de Lisboa (Portugal) Casino de Estoril etc... -